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PR Materials

Left to right: Kay Crouch, Patrick Crouch, and Ron Shuffler. For history, bios, and background, see About SCD.

Click the thumbnail to access a full-resolution version suitable for print. It's in RGB color space and is approximately 5x7 inches at full resolution; other versions available on request.

This photo is fully released for newspaper and advertising uses pertaining to Strictly Clean and Decent and / or for the Caldwell County Traditional Musicians Showcase series.

Photos to Promote the Caldwell County Traditional Musicians Showcases. Photos by David Cortner. Click for full-resolution:

Grand finale of a showcase,
Grand finale of a showcase, b/w.


Jaret Carter

Carolina Ray Whisnant


Clarence Greene

Cecil Palmer


David Edmisten

Ron Shuffler

Additional High-resolution Photos: Cover photos from all CD's, most interior illustrations, and many high-resolution, print-ready photos from the annual Caldwell County Traditional Musicians Showcases can be made available. Just let us know the illustrations you need and we'll see that you get 'em.